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The DevOps Way is a practitioner’s guide from industry leading advocates and practitioners to understanding DevOps and how it helps you, and the enterprises you are part of succeed at scale.

Drawing upon experiences and insights from practitioners and thought leaders in the global DevOps community, we have created a course which will give you broad knowledge across the full DevOps landscape.

In the DevOps Way, you’ll discover the origins of DevOps, gain an understanding of DevOps from the viewpoint of some of its most influential thought leaders and learn about the relationship DevOps has with Continuous Delivery and Agile practices.

We’ll also explore the various technologies which enable DevOps at scale and how DevOps plays a vital role in the enterprise.

On completing this course you will have gained comprehensive knowledge of the beliefs and behaviours that underpin DevOps, enabling you to provide a greater and more rewarding contribution towards the mission of your enterprise.

What people are saying about The DevOps Way :

“This is a great course that comes straight from a true pillar of the London DevOps and Enterprise Agility community.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking to understand the DevOps movement, the key principles, and how to put them into practice.”

Mark Rendell – Principal Director, Accenture

“It’s a great course. It gives beginners a complete picture of the whole development process, tools and culture as well as awareness of good strategies in a clear and easy to understand manner.

I would put all new and existing team members on this course to bring them all up the advanced level needed to deliver value at pace, in a safe manner with happy clients and colleagues.”

Allan Southward – Director, Deloitte

“If you work in an organisation that relies on digital technology in any way, then this course is for you.

It distills the knowledge and experience of the leading figures from the DevOps community into practical means to respond to the rapid pace of change and drive performance”

Adam Lenander – HR Transformation Lead, Deutsche Bank

Why use our course? Learn more about the author and founder of the course, Barry Chandler.
Having experienced a fulfilling career in Software Engineering, organised DevOpsDays London in 2016, set up his own Enterprise Agility meetup group and conference the following year, Barry has become a leading figure in the UK’s DevOps community.

As both a leader in the DevOps community and Practitioner, Barry is in a unique position to provide perspectives from many DevOps, Technology and Enterprise leadership thought leaders and also pass on practitioner insights you only gain from being involved in hands on delivery.

Aside from .Mastery and his events, Barry spends his time advising global enterprises on approach to DevOps and continual transformation, focusing on Purpose, Value and Outcomes.

​Spanning a career of over 26 years, he has worked in several different industries as an independent consultant, for consultancies as well as a company employee. Over half of his career has been with Barclays Investment Bank.

For many years Barry was a hands on application engineer which lead into capacity, stability, development and delivery management roles. After DevOpsDays, he took on a role of Co-chair of the Barclays group wide DevOps community of practise.

If there is one word his friends would use to describe him it would be Passionate!

Message to students

Hey there!

If you’ve enrolled onto one of my courses I very much hope you enjoy it.

I’m very keen to get feedback, both positive and negative. I’ll always try and respond, your input is very important to me and helps us to make the course better for everyone. The easiest way to get in touch is to connect on LinkedIn and send me a message.

All the best,


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn about DevOps
  • Leaders – C Level, Technology, Business, Function or Department, Transformation, Community
  • Managers – Technology, Business, Product, Business Stream, Function, Department, DevOps, Operations, Support, Team/Scrum Master, Testing, Community or CoE, HR, L&D, Sales, Marketing, Recruitment
  • Delivery – Design, UX/CX, Engineer – DevOps, Engineer – Application, Engineer – Testing, Infrastructure, Security, Database, Graduate, Support Analyst, Business Analyst, Business Aligned
  • DevOps Managers
  • It Project Managers, IT Managers
  • Project Managers and Consultants
  • Students

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