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This is the main PowerPoint course you will require in the event that you need to figure out how to plan PowerPoint Presentations AND Create Compelling PowerPoint slides AND Deliver PowerPoint Presentations in a convincing, vital and connecting with way. Generally Important: You will figure out how to discuss adequately with ever part of your visual and verbal instruments.

TJ Walker is the #1 Bestseller of open talking, introduction aptitudes, relational abilities, media preparing and narrating courses here on Udemy. He will lead you through each part of who to achieve your essential objective: fruitful correspondence.

Imran Afzal is a main innovation master and mentor and the teacher of many top selling seminars on Udemy in the fields of Linux and other IT claims to fame

The course is isolated into two fundamental parts.

Section One covers all parts of PowerPoint 365 ProPlus slide structure and creation.

Imran Afzal will be your educator here.

Message from the educator:

I am going to show you how to make noteworthy PowerPoint introduction that will be your guide for compelling introduction. I have secured each and every insight concerning PowerPoint in this course and it is easy to explore through.

Course Overview

Area 1 – Introduction

• Quick PowerPoint Refresher

Area 2 – Creating your first PowerPoint Slide

• Download and Install PowerPoint 365

• Access or Start the PowerPoint 365 ProPlus Application

• Selecting Your Slide

• Creating First PowerPoint Presentation

Area 3 – Editing Objects in Slides – Home Menu

• Cut, Copy, Paste, Duplicate Text Objects

• Selecting New Slides, Duplicate and Reuse a Slide

• Slide Layout, Resetting and Adding Sections

• Font Size, Bold, Italic, Underline and so forth.

• Clear organizing, Highlighting text, Changing content shading

• Bullets, Numbering, List Levels, Line dispersing, Alignment and Justify

• Add or Remove Columns, Text Direction, Align Text, and Convert to Smart Art

• Drawing Shapes – Text, Circles, Squares and Arrows

• Order, Group and Position Object

• Shape Fill and Outline

• Find, Replace and Select (Editing)

• Insert Shapes and Styles (Shape Format Menu)

• WordArtStyles and Accessibility (Shape Format Menu)

• Arrange and Size Text Objects (Shape Format Menu)

Area 4 – Adding Objects to Slides – Insert Menu

• Inserting Through Slide Themes

• New Slide Options

• Inserting a Table

• Table Styles, WordArt Styles and Draw Borders (Table Design)

• Add Row and Columns, Merge, Size and Align Cells, Table Size and Arrange (Table Layout)

• Insert or Import Excel Table

• Inserting Images (Pictures, Online Pictures, Screenshots, Photo Album)

• Illustrations (Shapes, iCons, 3D Models, SmartArt and Charts)

• Add-Ins (Get Add-ins and My Add-ins)

• Zoom (Insert – Link)

• Creating Links inside Insert Menu

• Add Action to Objects (Insert – > Links)

• Add Comments (Insert – > Comment)

• Text, Header and Footer, WordArt, Date and Time, Slide and Object (Insert – > Text)

• Add Equations and Symbols (Insert – > Symbols)

• Add Videos to Slides (Insert – > Media)

• Insert Audio to Slides (Insert – > Media)

• Screen Recording (Insert – > Media)

• Remove Picture Background (Picture Format Menu)

• Picture Corrections, Color Artistic Effects and Transparency (Picture Adjust Menu)

• Compress, Change and Reset Pictures (Picture Format – > Adjust Menu)

• Picture Border, Effects and Layout (Picture Format – > Picture Styles)

• Picture Accessibility and Arrangement (Picture Format – > Arrange)

• Crop, and Change Picture Size (Picture Format – > Size)

Segment 5 – Designing Slides – Design Menu

• Selecting Themes

• Variants

• Customize Slide (Standard versus Widescreen) and Format Background

• Designer View of Slide

Segment 6 – Transitions

• Transition starting with one Slide then onto the next

• Timing Slides with Sounds and Duration

Segment 7 – Animations

• Different Type of Animations (Entrance, Emphasis and Exit)

• Different Type of Animations (Motion Paths and Additional Effects)

• Motion Path Animation for Shapes

• Animation of Pictures and Videos

• Timing Animated Objects

• Objects Sequence or Reorder

• Deleting Animation From Objects

• Adding Multiple Animation to an Object (Advance Animation)

• Animation Pane, Trigger, Animation Painter (Advance Animation)

Segment 8 – Slide Show

• Starting the Slide Show

• Setting Up Slide Show

• Rehearse Timings (Set Up Slide Show)

• Record Slide Show

• Play Narrations, Use Timings, Show Media Controls (Slide Show)

• Monitors and Presenter View (Slide Show)

Segment 9 – Review

• Proofing, Accessibility and Insight (Review)

• Language (Review)

• Adding and Deleting Comments (Review)

• Comparing Presentations (Review)

• Hide or Delete Ink (Review)

Segment 10 – View

• Changing Presentation and Slide Views (View)

• Master Views (View)

• Ruler, Gridlines and Guides (View)

• Zoom (View)

• Color and Grayscale your Presentation (View)

• New Window, Arrange All, Cascade, Move Split and Switch Window

Segment 11 – Help

• Get Online Help

• Contact Support

• Feedback

• Show Training

• What’s New

Segment 12 – File Menu

• PowerPoint 365 ProPlus Information (FILE – > Info)

• Saving Presentation

• Print, Share, Export and Close

• Account and Feedback

• General Options

• Proofing Options

• Save, Language and Ease of Access Options

• Advance Options

• Customize Ribbon, Quick AccessToolbar, Add-in and TrustCenter (Advance Options)

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