Learn To Speak With An Authentic Standard American Accent [Udemy]

Learn to Speak with an Authentic Standard American accent Download

All the important components for you to confidently speak in the Standard American accent in one course.

What you’ll learn
  • Learn the technical aspects to speak confidently in your best and most authentic Standard American accent
  • Vowels, diphthongs, and consonants, as well as rhythm, melody, stress and intonation.
  • Improve your listening skills in order to differentiate between your own natural accent and speech pattern and the Standard American sound
  • Feel a greater sense of confidence when speaking in public speaking in this accent
  • Improve your diction, speech clarity, or other small speech impediments and insecurities you may have
  • History of this accent, how it evolved to be what is now known as the “Standard” or General American sound
  • Improve your speech for voice-overs, performances, presentations, or any other public speaking
  • Warm-ups, basic breathing, and vocal exercises to strengthen your voice and loosen the muscles of the throat
  • Basic knowledge of the English language
  • Commitment of 10-15 minutes per day to practice the curriculum you will be learning in this course

If you are looking to expand your repertoire as an actor or wanting to speak more clearly, and perfect the Standard American for your interpersonal or business relations, this course will help you speak with fluency and confidence as an authentic American. You’ll learn everything from vowels, consonants, diphthongs, rhythm, pitch, melody, grammar, and how to develop your hearing, which will enable you to learn and grasp this American sound.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn and speak confidently in the Standard American accent
  • People who want to adjust their accent and speak clearly with more diction
  • Actors
  • Students
  • Business people

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