React for beginners: Build a quiz while learning React

The basics of React for beginners udemy course

What you’ll learn in react for beginners udemy

  • Build real project with React
  • Write high quality code
  • Understand React state management

Requirements for react for beginners

  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS

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Do you want to learn React the real way? In this course, you will learn the key concepts of React while building a Quiz project.

React is currently the most popular front-end framework. It’s easy, to begin with yet it’s very capable even for building large-scale professional web applications. In this course, we learn the fundamentals of React while creating a real project which will be deployed to production.

While building a quiz we dive into the fundamentals of React like:

  • Breaking down your application into smaller pieces, into components?
  • How to structure your business logic and manage state and how to connect these to our components?
  • Dealing with component changes, what is the state, what to store in it, and where to define it?
  • How to add interaction and how does re-rendering work in React?
  • Communicate with real API from React application
  • How to deploy your React application on your real server (You will need to pay for a server for deployment or just follow along)

We don’t learn dry theory or go through each step of React documentation. Instead, you can see on the real example how you can use React to build applications.


This is an intro course, no prior React knowledge is required, but HTML, CSS, and Javascript skills are necessary.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Web developers who want to learn React while building a real application

Created by Oleksandr Kocherhin [Professional Instructor and Web Developer]
Last updated 7/2021
English [Auto}
Size: 1.4 GB

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