Python Web Scraping using Bs4, Requests, Multiprocessing

Welcome to multiprocessing web scraping python | Python Web Scraping using Bs4, Requests, Multiprocessing


We will learn to:
– work with requests
– extract the necessary data from the page
– consider GET, POST requests
– consider headers, data arguments
– how to create a session to save cookies
– learn to simulate user actions
– learn how to log in to sites, download and send files
– study the architecture client/server
– The principle of the HTTP protocol
– Study how to parse all the pages of the site
– we will learn how to find the values ​​we need on the website
– Look at multiprocessor programs, to speed up the work of the software
– we will learn to replace the user-agent and simulate another device and browser
– we will consider all the basics bs4

What you’ll learn in web scraping python

  • About the course
  • An introduction to requests. Installing modules and writing first programs
  • Examining bs4 and query structure. Fake user-agent and other headers
  • Authorization on the site. Examining sessions, retrieving and import cookies into request
  • Parsing the entire site and downloading files inside it
  • Using a proxy. Learning multiprocessing for accelerated parsing
  • Using JSON configs to customize the parser
  • Bonus lecture. Conclusion

Requirements for multiprocessing web scraping python

  • Minimum knowledge of Python

Will we do it?
– write a program to extract the user’s IP
– write a program to download files from the site
– learn to bypass all the pages of the site and replace the user-agent
– write a program using multiprocessing
– write a program using bs4

Why this particular course?
– the material is aimed at any level of knowledge of Python (suitable for a beginner and p professional)|
– the course does not contain water and provides only the necessary information
– after this course, you will be able to fully work with the studied libraries
– simple presentation of the material
– contains real examples and tasks
– relevant information
– we consider all the listed libraries in one course at a minimal cost

After completing this course you will be able to develop parsers, creators, various bots to automate actions in the browser and simulate all actions that a person can perform using a browser and certain sites. Services of parsing and automation of web resources are very often found freelance, so you can recoup this knowledge almost immediately after passing the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python developers who want to learn how to use site scraping in their work
  • Python developers who want to learn how to parse data

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Last Updated 7/2021


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