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Django is a free and open-source web framework based on Python that uses the model–template–views (MTV) architectural paradigm. The Django Software Foundation looks after it (DSF).

Django’s main objective is to make building sophisticated, database-driven websites easier. The framework prioritizes component reusability and “pluggability,” as well as minimal code, low coupling, quick development, and the “don’t repeat yourself” concept. Even for settings, files, and data models, Python is utilized throughout. Django also has an administrative create, read, update, and delete interface that is produced dynamically and configurable using admin models.

  • a lightweight and standalone web server for development and testing
  • a form serialization and validation system that can translate between HTML forms and values suitable for storage in the database
  • a template system that utilizes the concept of inheritance borrowed from object-oriented programming
  • a caching framework that can use any of several cache methods
  • support for middleware classes that can intervene at various stages of request processing and carry out custom functions
  • an internal dispatcher system that allows components of an application to communicate events to each other via pre-defined signals
  • an internationalization system, including translations of Django’s own components into a variety of languages
  • a serialization system that can produce and read XML and/or JSON representations of Django model instances
  • a system for extending the capabilities of the template engine
  • an interface to Python’s built-in unit test framework

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone can learn who want to enter into Software Industry
  • Anyone can learn who want to enter into AWS Cloud

What you’ll learn

  • Students can understand what is the use of Django Frameworks
  • Students can understand Web Applications
  • Students can understand Web Frameworks
  • Students can understand Back end & Database Technologies
  • Students can understand Web App MVC

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