Python and JavaScript for beginners: Build 10 Projects

You will learn JavaScript and Python coding by downloading this Python and JavaScript for beginners: Build 10 Projects udemy course

What you’ll learn in python and javascript for beginners: build 10 projects

  • Setup Python Development Environment
  • Learn Python Fundamentals
  • Build a Digital Clock with Python
  • Build a Currency Converter with Python
  • Build a Music Player with Python
  • Build an Image Slider with Python
  • Build a loan Calculator with Python
  • Learn JavaScript Fundamentals
  • Build an Analogue Clock with JavaScript
  • Build a Digital Calculator with JavaScript
  • Build a To-do App with JavaScript
  • Build an interactive Quiz App with JavaScript
  • Build a Count Down Timer with JavaScript

Requirements for python and javascript for beginners: build 10 projects

  • Basic Knowledge of HTML & CSS advised.
  • A computer with internet access required.


The Python programming language is an effective, versatile, and powerful general-purpose language. Because of its conciseness and ease of use, it is a great first language. The Python programming language can handle any task you throw at it. Python is the perfect language for everything from web development to machine learning to data science.

Why people  love Python:

  • Great first language
  • Large programming community
  • Excellent online documentation
  • Endless libraries and packages
  • World-wide popularity
  • Powerful and flexible

What can Python do?

Creating web applications with Python is possible on a server.

  • It is possible to create workflows with Python and software.
  • A Python program can connect to a database system. Additionally, it is capable of reading and modifying files.
  • Python is capable of handling big data and performing complex mathematics.
  • Python can be used for rapid prototyping as well as the development of production-ready software.
  • Python can be used in Data Science
  • Python can be used to create desktop and console applications
  • Python can be used for web scraping
  • Python can be used in Machine learning

Here are the projects we will build  with Python from scratch:

  • Image slider
  • Loan Calculator
  • Digital Clock
  • Music Player
  • Currency Converter

Object-oriented programming language JavaScript is commonly used in conjunction with HTML and CSS on most websites to create dynamic, interactive, robust user experiences.

Website development often uses JavaScript as one of the programming languages.

JavaScript is easy to use and very versatile, but the people who know how to use it are also highly sought after. It is always important for companies to hire people who are proficient in JavaScript. You should consider learning JavaScript if you are interested in web development, since the skills you develop from JavaScript online Python and JavaScript for beginners: Build 10 Projects courses are very transferrable.

Programming languages like JavaScript are among the most popular in the world. JavaScript is used on nearly all websites and is considered the programming language of the Internet.

It is a good idea to have some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS because JavaScript requires them.

Here are the projects we will build with JavaScript

  • Interactive Quiz App
  • To-do App
  • Calculator App
  • Countdown Timer App
  • Analogue Clock

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to Python
  • Beginners to JavaScript
  • Beginners to Programming

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