Let’s JavaScript! Newbie Friendly – Part 2

Let’s JavaScript! Newbie Friendly!: Part 2 Download

Coding for beginner’s Code a To-Do List App

What you’ll learn

  • Code in JavaScript from scratch
  • Showcase your work to potential employers
  • Code more advanced projects in JavaScript


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • A working laptop or desktop computer


Hi, and welcome to ” Let’s JavaScript! “.  

My name is Kauress, and you may know me from the “Introduction to git” class on SitePoint

JavaScript is known as a front end language for
web applications. According to the Developer Survey of 2016 by Stack
Overflow, JavaScript was surveyed to be the most commonly used
programming language on the web.

a new language can be complicated and time-consuming. Let Kauressguide you through beginners’ projects in JavaScript and the DOM! You will code five projects in JavaScript from scratch. Building upon basic concepts and applying them in your projects. The plans you code will allow you to manipulate user input and create dynamic web components of an otherwise static web-page. And by the end of this project series, you would have coded five productivity web-apps in JavaScript

The goal of the project series: 

To teach the basic constructs of JavaScript by coding projects.

The projects: a complete hands-on series and the projects we will be coding are

1. A single operation calculator:  The Calculator allows you to add, subtract multiply and divide two numbers with or without a decimal point. Our Calculator will also have A backspace and bright feature. Our Calculator will automatically start new calculations after the equal to the operator is clicked. Eval has not been used!

2. A to-do list: A to-do list based on arrays and array methods which will allow you to add, strikethrough or delete individual items and additionally you can also add an object using the enter key on your keyboard and then clear the list

3. WYSIWYG editor: A what you see is what you get an editor who will have all the basic features of a standard text editor such as bold, center align, color text, etc. This project includes new topics like local storage, which will allow your draft to be saved even after you refresh the page

4. Pomodoro: A Pomodoro is a productivity method to track work and break durations, the Pomodoro will have functions such as start, pause, and reset. And it will automatically start the break duration after the work period is over

5. Calendar widget: A calendar widget that shows not only the current, previous, and next day but also the present time and local weather. And in this project, you will be using the date and time objects and an API

What are the pre-requisites?

1. HTML (beginner-intermediate level)

2. CSS (beginner-intermediate level)

3. A working laptop or Desktop computer

What tools do I need to do the projects? :

  1. A code editor (This part is covered in Section 2, lesson # 2)

This series assumes little to NO knowledge of coding in JavaScript.

This project series is best suited to those who have had little exposure to JavaScript in reading material and basic definitions but have no real experience coding in JavaScript.

What if I am an absolute beginner? :

If you have no exposure to JavaScript in any way, shape, or form, you may still do the projects. You can extend your learning experience by referencing basic definitions and, other reading material along with the content provided in each project

When you finish this course; you will be able to:

  1. Code in JavaScript from scratch

2. Showcase your work to potential employers

3. Carry on to do intermediate-level projects in JavaScript

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners
  • Those who know HTML & CSS and have little exposure to JavaScript in the way of definitions, but have no experience coding in JavaScript
  • Project-based learners

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