Instagram Social Media:Master The Social Media App Instagram

Be Able To Understand The Social Media App Instagram and Manage All Tools and Functions Available

What you’ll learn

  • Completely Understand The Application
  • Use All of Instagram’s Functions and Tools
  • Also be able to Use Instagram in a New Way
  • Most importantly, you Are Going to Get hold of A Few New Updates For Instagram 2018


  • Firstly, A iPhone or Android device
  • Secondly, No Experience With Instagram Needed
  • Lastly, An Interest in Social Media or Just Instagram
  • And a Willingness to Learn!


Do you want to be able to use the social media app Instagram regardless of level?

Do you want to be able to understand how to use the app completely?

Are you passionate about social media? Then this course is definitely for you!

And welcome to this course where I am going to walk you through all of the necessary steps to be able to use Instagram regardless of level and also be able to use the app the way it should be used.

This course begins to cover:

  • The important steps and what you need to know before starting to Instagram!
  • All of the different levels of the app and all the functions and tools that it offers
  • Also how you proceed to scroll down the feed, finding friends to follow and much more

We are then going to go trough the process of choosing a picture that we have taken and then editing and sharing it to Instagram

As the course goes on I am going to give you tips and tricks on how to use Instagram the best

During the course I am  also going to go through every feature and tool in the app and explain what it’s for and how you can use it

These are a couple examples on what we are going to be working with:

  • Your Story
  • Instagram TV
  • Discover
  • Instagram Direct
  • Name Tagsand more…

After completing this course you will be able to for example:

  • Also, use the app to the fullest of it’s abilities
  • Most importantly, Knowing how you can use all of Instagram’s tools and functions to really enjoy the app and have fun with it
  • Get some tips and tricks for how you can upload material to your story and feed
  • And understand why Instagram is such a social media phenomenon

If you are curious about who I am:

My name is Matilda and I am a 26 year old girl with hobbies such as:

  1. Social Media
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Web developing
  4. Coding and
  5. Photography

I currently study social media marketing and will be graduating from Stockholm International Business School in May 2019.

And I hope you now have e good grip on what the course is about and what we will cover.

Also feel free to look through the curriculum of the course and watch some previews, I look forward to seeing you inside!

Who is the target audience?

  • Interested in Social Media
  • Also anyone Interested in Instagram Particularly
  • Someone Who Wants to Know All Functions And Tools in Instagram
  • Curious About Instagram TV
  • Moreover who Wants Answers to A Few Questions About Instagram

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Last updated 11/2018
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