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[100% OFF]Grafana – Beginners Guide

In this course you’re going to learn about Grafana version 6. This is also the latest version currently available in the market.

We will discuss in detail on below topics:

  1. Grafana overview
  2. Installing Grafana on Linux and Windows operating System understanding default configuration
  3. Managing Grafana Services such as Service Start/Stop/Restart
  4. Changing default Grafana configuration such as ports or application database.
  5. Learning to Uninstall Grafana
  6. Upgrading From Grafana Version 6 to Latest Version 7
  7. Understanding Grafana User Interface in Detail
  8. Connecting Grafana to MySQL To create Dashboards/Visualizations
  9. Installing and Configuring InfluxDB and Telegraf
  10. Connecting Grafana to InfluxDB to create Visualizations
  11. Creating Thresholds in Grafana
  12. Creating Different Graphs such as Graph/Bar/Stats/Gauge etc.

Who this course is for:

  • Data Scientists
  • Business Intelligence Analysts
  • Business Intelligence Developers

What you’ll learn

  • Grafana overview
  • Installing Grafana on Linux or Windows Server
  • Managing Grafana Services (Start, Stop, Restart) on Linux or Windows
  • Changing default Grafana configuration such as Ports and Databases
  • Changing Grafana Database from SQLite to MySql (With steps to install MySQL)

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