Data Structures & Algorithms Essentials (2021)

Develop algorithms and solve problems with C++ using core concepts and internal workings of data structures

What you’ll learn

  • Core concepts & internals of Data Structures
  • Trees, Linked Lists, Heaps, Graphs
  • Build all data structures from scratch
  • Object Oriented Programming Basics
  • Brute Force & Optimisation Techniques
  • Space Time Complexity Analysis
  • Hash Functions, Collision Handling
  • Recursion & Backtracking
  • Dynamic Memory & Pointers
  • Create your own DS library!
  • C++ Standard Template Library Basics
  • Project – Design & Implement Shopping Cart



If you are an intermediate programmer who would like to know what happens behind a hash table, are you a beginner looking to get into data structures?

You’ll learn the principles behind Data Structures and Algorithms in this C++ course that helps you build a solid programming foundation using Data Structures and Algorithms. The course is taught by Prateek Narang from Google, a software engineer with a reputation for mentoring thousands of students to become great programmers and developers. He has been rated as a top Udemy instructor for his outstanding teaching skills.

Data plays the center stage in every software application, which consists of operations like Insert, Delete, Update, and Search. The Data Structures & Algorithms Essentials (2021) course provides a deep understanding of Data Structures & Algorithms by covering both the theory and the implementation of each data structure from scratch. This Data Structures & Algorithms Essentials (2021) course is meant for all those interested in becoming great software developers.

It includes more than 20 hours of interactive video content, as well as dozens of coding exercises, designed to teach you basic concepts from scratch. In each of the sections, data structure is discussed in great detail along with Coding Exercises and examples of real life situations. These are the things you’ll learn:

Programming Concepts
Bit masking

Object-Oriented Programming Basics

Pointers & Dynamic Memory (C++)


Data Structures Foundation

Array, 2D Array, Strings, Vectors

Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues

Trees, BST, Tries

Heaps/Priority Queues

Hash-tables, Collision Handling


Algorithms Foundation

Brute Force, Backtracking

Sorting & Searching

Divide & Conquer

Dynamic Programming

That’s all for Now

Programmers at the beginner and intermediate levels should take this course. We make seemingly complicated topics easy by using interactive video lectures & dozens of memes 😉 At the end of the course, we make a command-line application for an online shopping cart using principles from Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures.

In contrast to most instructors, we are not salespeople or marketers. The purpose of my work is to help you learn the fundamentals of programming so you can become a successful developer. The course is available through Udemy & Coding Minutes at a fraction of the original cost, so anyone interested in learning can take their skills to the next level. I hope you will sign up today, and I look forward to seeing you in the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner level programmers
  • Students who want to learn data structures
  • Students from Computer Science & related branches
  • Working professionals who want to brush up internals of hashmaps, heaps, graphs etc

Created by Prateek Narang, Coding Minutes
Last updated 8/2021
Size: 14 GB

Download Data Structures & Algorithms Essentials (2021)

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