Create and sell coloring books, sudokus & puzzles on Amazon

Create and sell coloring books, sudokus & puzzles on Amazon udemy course download. You will Generate passive income on the internet while having fun! Easily design mazes, sudokus, coloring books, puzzles (low content)

  • Create a children’s activity book interior in just a few hours
  • Create black and white drawings very easily for the “coloring” part of the book
  • Easily generate sudoku puzzles with different levels of difficulty
  • Easily create mazes for children
  • Create children’s word scramble puzzles
  • Create an attractive cover by following the color codes
  • Publish your book online on Amazon with the right title and keywords
  • Strategy to publish 20+ books per day
  • How to promote your books with Amazon Ads
  • Understand the copyrights
  • Creating a cover for a low content book on Amazon with Indesign
  • Understand how Amazon’s algorithm works

Create and sell coloring books, sudokus & puzzles on Amazon Course Requirements

  • Patience to use the software taught!
  • Have a minimum of creativity and ideas
  • Know how to use the internet and a computer

Create and sell coloring books, sudokus & puzzles on Amazon Course Description

Welcome to my second lesson on Amazon’s excellent low-content business! This course is much longer than the previous course. I teach you how to use free or paid software to make an activity book for children from A to Z.

You are my strategy for publishing more than 20 books every day, and how to promote your book on Amazon (Amazon Advertising).

We will see how to easily create a variety of interior designs using Sudoku games, word and number games, maze and coloring designs. Research the color codes that apply to this market segment and how to use three methods to make a cover, including Indesign.

In this course, I provide you with free interior design, you can mix them with your own work, so you can start publishing and make money to queue up from home quickly. Low content (books with little content created) is great because you only need to publish your work on Amazon. There is no printing or storage on your side.

When ordering, Amazon is responsible for printing your book and shipping it to the customer. This business requires almost no initial investment. However, if you want to expand your book collection, you will need to subscribe to some (cheap) software.

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to earn extra income and have fun at the same time!


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