Complete React Hooks Course 2021: A – Z ( Scratch to React )

Welcome to the Complete React Hooks Course 2021: A – Z ( Scratch to React ). Learn the React JS Hooks way (newest and comprehensive): ReduxReact Router, Testing with Jest, and building components

What you’ll learn in React Hooks Course


  • JavaScript knowledge needed

React Hooks Course Description

This is a comprehensive course about React JS using only the hooks (no classes) feature of the latest version of React. The Complete React Hooks Course 2021: A – Z ( Scratch to React ) course will cover the following: You will learn to program in react from scratch, without prior knowledge of the language.

  • Fundamentals like JSX, component communication, events, fragments, Higher Order Components, and more.
  • Understand best way to organize files in a react project using common patterns for folder structure
  • Built-in hooks like useState, useEffect, useReducer, useContext, useDebugValue, useMemo, useRef, useLayoutEffect
  • Build our own custom hooks
  • Use create-react-app ,  a command line interface ( CLI ) to swiftly create react projects.
  • Build a Single Page Application ( SPA ) using react-router-dom
  • Global State Management with Redux and Redux thunk
  • Learn unit testing , snapshot testing, mocking  in React  with Jest and React testing Library .
  • Build a To-Do app using react
  • Build a complete drag-n-drop app using react
  • Reusable component library and a documentation site using react styleguidist
  • Build a documentation site using react storybook
  • All the code examples are provided in github for your reference. 
  • Many coding exercise to practice
  • Learn how to upload your react project on github

The simplicity of this course is one of its best features. There are very few coding samples that are difficult to understand. My preferred method of explaining concepts is through real-world use cases.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner React developers
  • React Developers moving to latest version of React

Created by Hemil Patel
Last updated 10/2019
Size: 2.6 GB

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