Complete Intro to Computer Science, v2

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Pass those difficult algorithms and data structures interview questions asked by the largest silicon valley companies. Even if you didn’t go to school for it, gain the advantages and skills a traditional computer science education can give you. We’ll tackle the big computer science concepts: Algorithms and Big O Analysis, Recursion, Sorting, Data Structures, AVL Trees, Binary Search Trees, Tree Traversals, and Path Finding.

Transcript from the “Introduction” Lesson

>> Welcome to the complete intro to computer science data structure and algorithms. So the first thing you’ll see here on my screen is I had this nice little course website. This is all of my notes, so literally, you can see here I have two computers, one of them I just have this website off and I’m just kind of going through point by point.

[00:00:19] So this is something that you can keep after you’re done with the course and refer back to you can share it with your friends. One of the really nice things in front of masters allows me to do is to open source all the course material. So if there’s spelling mistakes, please go in and fix them, these courses get better as people help, and it’s all open source on Git Hub.

[00:00:40] Okay, so let’s kind of just orient you a little bit with this site. Here you can see we have various different sections here. Most of these are pretty self-contained so if you go do trees and you want to do that, you don’t necessarily have to take binary search first, which is a nice feature that the only thing I’ll say is that the trees and applying tree algorithms, as you might guess, are kind of based on each other, everything else is pretty self-contained.

[00:01:07] You can see here that these are links so if I click into one of these Here in the top right, you’ll see that the name of the section and the name of the lesson that we’re on. So if I’m in the middle of the lesson, you can kind of see which part of the website I’m on, so you can hop back into wherever I am cool.

[00:01:24] Cool, so let’s talk a little bit about why you might wanna take this course. You might want to take this course because you’re interested in computer science and you wanna be a better programmer, that’s kind of where I started learning about these sorts of things. These things are also very useful for interviews because big tech companies love to ask these kind of questions, for reasons unknown to me, because most of them don’t necessarily apply on your day to day but they think it’s a measure of intelligence which I would very vehement say that it’s not a measure of intelligence.

[00:01:56] But in any case, it is the way it is, so I’m gonna help you cheat at those interviews by knowing all of the things, is that cheating by just knowing the thing? I guess, no, kind of, anyway, don’t care, I want you to pass all of your interviews and get paid lots of somebody that’s my goal here.

[00:02:16] Okay, here you’ll see I have these like blue boxes on here, these are just like points of emphasis, so whenever you see a blue box, be sure to pay attention to those on the site. The first one here is just kind of giving you permission to feel like this is hard.

[00:02:28] [LAUGH] We’re about to go learn a lot of kind of like, concepts require a lot of brainpower to just process through, which is exhausting. So expecting you to do all of these, right in a row is very, very difficult. And I’m gonna say for those of you that are watching this later and recorded, just give yourself space to do it, right?

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