C++ from Beginners to Object Oriented Data Structures

C++ from Beginners to Object-Oriented Data Structures udemy free course. You will Jumpstart your C++ Programming Skills through Practical Projects with Basics to Linked Lists, Trees, Pointers, Header

C++ from Beginners to Object Oriented Data Structures Course Requirements

  • Open Mind with Concentration
  • Visual Studio Code Installed


This course is focusing only on the Programming aspect of C++ and how people can organize their C++ codes with Objects oriented Concepts and Data Structures

Topics Covered in the Course

  • Basic Logic Development          -> Relational  Conditions , Loops ,
  • Object Oriented Programming -> Objects , Classes , Header Files
  • Data Structures                          -> Linked Lists , Trees , Double Linked List

Course Flow :

We will start with

  • Basic’s of C++
    • If Statements
    • Switch Statements
    • 1D Arrays , 2D arrays
    • Custom Functions
  • Object Oriented Programming
    • Structures
    • Constructors
    • Public, Private Classes
    • Header Files
  • Data Structures
    • Pointers
    • Objects for Pointers
    • Single Linked Lists
    • Double Linked List
    • Binary Trees

All of these Concepts are utilized into Projects made in each of the Sections Individually.

Projects :

  • Cinema Ticketing System ( Section 1 with functions, loops , Relation Operators and Switch Statements)Will take discuss the workflow and then move towards implementing this Project  by first
    • Writing a welcome Functionality
    • Buying Cinema Tickets with representative Seats
    • Bill generation
  • Restaurant Operating System (Section 2 with Classes , Structures, Constructors and header Files )
    • Welcome
    • Structures will be created for menu
    • Class with Constructors will be used to Define public and private variable setters and getters .
    • Header files will be utilized to simplify the code with distribution approach 
  • School Management System (Section 3 with Pointers , Linked Lists , Trees )
    • Pointers will be understood in depth for dynamic usage
    • Single and Double Linked Lists will be created for students and teachers data chains
    • Binary Tree will be utilized to have a clear picture of our School

Who this course is for:

  • Enthusiastic students wanting to get their feet wet in multidisciplinary projects
  • C++ is for everything requiring Efficiency

Created by Muhammad Luqman, Zaheer Ahmed
Last updated 8/2021
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C++ from Beginners to Object Oriented Data Structures

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